Why do you need a Buyers Advocate?

What is a Buyers Advocate? – A qualified Agent whose role it is to act exclusively for the purchaser by securing, to the best of their ability, a suitable property according to a brief and budget obtained from the client.

As opposed to a Selling Agent who is there to obtain the best possible price for the Vendor – a Buyers Advocate is there to achieve the best result for the Buyer.

Some points to consider when selecting a Buyers Advocate:

  • Do they have experience as a selling agent before becoming an Advocate?
  • Do they have Professional Indemnity Insurance?
  • Do they have the professional qualifications required to act on your behalf?
  • Are they selling properties on behalf of a developer or somebody else?
  • Are they independent of other organisations?

Please click to view our recommended Buyers Advocate who forms part of our Network of Trusted Advisers.

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