Useful Tips

Why do you need a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing – the buying, selling and transferring of property is generally undertaken by a conveyancer or solicitor.

Use this checklist to ensure you have all the necessary and helpful information required about the conveyancing of your property:

What services do they provide?
Do they offer a review of contracts for properties you are interested in purchasing, or is this an additional cost
What is their fee and how do they calculate it – flat fee, sliding scale or time spent.
Are disbursements and incidental costs additional or included in the quoted fee.
Confirm whether the title of the property influences the cost – Company or Stratum titles are more complex than Strata title, and may cost more for conveyancing services.
Do they have the required professional or educational requirements?
Do they hold professional indemnity insurance?
Do they handle all correspondence and enquiries from the other party (purchaser or vendor)?

I can strongly recommend the following conveyancers for their experience and personal service. You may wish to call them to discuss their services & fees.

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