Useful Tips

Selling price maximisation

When you sell a property, whether you are selling your home to move or cashing in your investment property, you want to achieve the highest possible selling price.

Here are some tried & tested tips to help you towards this goal.


Have a home stylist come through your home and advise you on furniture placement, decorations, art and ornaments.
Make sure the property is spick and span before any potential buyers come through the front door.
Remove any clutter, as this will give the impression of good storage space, and make the property feel larger.
Clean all surfaces, windows, mirrors, inside cupboards, and remove all cobwebs.
Weed the garden, trim the lawn and sweep the pathways.
Put some pots of colourful flowers at the property entrance.
Repair any obvious problems or imperfections.

On Inspection Day

Have a bunch of nice smelling flowers or burn some essential oils.
If you fancy cooking, bake some bread in the oven.
It will give the property a homely warm feeling, and buyers will start imagining themselves in the house.
Maximise the light inside by cleaning windows, opening (or removing) blinds and curtains, turn on lights and lamps.
If it’s hot outside, run the air-conditioning.
If it’s cold outside, run the heating.
Have fresh towels and tea towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.
Take yourself, your family and pets somewhere else for the duration of the inspection.