Useful Tips

Property Checklist #3 Final

You’ve found a property that ticks most of the boxes in your “what I want” list…now what else do you need to find out before taking a step towards making an offer or bidding at auction?
Here is a list of some questions that delve below the surface of what you can see and touch in this property. You may like to ask all of them, some of them, or even more than them…

Some of them may only be answered comprehensively by obtaining professional conveyancing or property inspection advice.

  • Have your conveyancer review the contract of sale.
  • What settlement period does the vendor want?
  • How much are the council rates?
  • Are there any heritage or body corporate issues that may restrict internal or external renovations or the use of the property?
  • Check with the council that no illegal additions or changes have been made to the property by the present or former owners.
  • Make sure all room doors, cupboard door, draws, window work freely.
  • Ensure that all large and expensive items work properly e.g. Dishwasher, air-conditioners, hot water systems, garage door.
  • Do all light switches and power points work?
  • Are the fridge, washing machine and other recesses big enough to fit your own items?
  • Is there insulation for heating and cooling?
  • Is there any pest activity?
  • Is it on clear title? Are there any caveats or encumbrances?


  • What is the council zoning?
  • Do any of the adjacent homes have plans in council?
  • Are any addition/renovation plans already in place council approved?


  • What are the strata levies?
  • Does the body corporate have intentions for any major works in future?
  • Is the title strata, company, stratum or another type?