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Fixed Rate Update

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The best rate from our lender panel this month is:

2 year fixed rate 3.69% – NAB – First Home Buyers Special

(Interest rates are for Loan sizes over $250,000. LVR and other conditions may apply)

Email us if you would like to know how this would change your repayments and your loan flexibility.

Or call us for a chat about your personal situation to see if fixing your interest rate would suit you.

What does it mean?

INITIAL – The fixed rate term is for a pre-determined length of time – e.g. you choose to fix the rate for 3 or 5 years (other terms are available).  This is the initial rate

REVERT – At the end of the fixed rate term, the interest rate ‘reverts’ to a variable rate.  This is the revert rate – however, as it is variable, the revert rate will be the prevailing variable rate at the end of the fixed rate term.

CR – The comparison interest rate.  This is a legislated calculation that takes into account all ascertainable interest rates and fees for a 25 year loan term

LVR – Loan to Valuation Ratio – the loan as a percentage of the purchase price.  So if you bought a $500,000 property and the loan was $400,000 – the LVR would be 80%.