Laurel OLoughlin

“I had a great experience with Alisha. Right from the start she put me at ease. Not only did she find me a great interest rate with an equitable bank, she offered me emotional support and gave me confidence in her ability to work professionally and ethically. I had the opportunity to work directly with 2 banks and I was offered a financial incentive. However, I decided to reject these in favour of working with Alisha.
I am so glad I chose to go with Alisha. She knows her stuff and works quietly and quickly behind the scenes. She was across everything and problems were solved before I even knew they existed. She replied to all my queries promptly and knew what I needed before I did. She took control of the whole process, while keeping me informed the entire way. I have complete trust in her and would recommend her business to anyone.’ Laurel OLoughlin. Mover