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Ready to buy an investment?

What do you need to know to before you buy an investment property?

The first thing you need to think about is what you want to achieve from your investment.


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Two most common strategies

There are many compelling reasons to invest in bricks and mortar, but the two most common strategies are focussed around negative gearing and capital growth.

Negative Gearing

When the cost of owning an investment property exceeds the income it earns, you may be able to claim the loss in the form of tax benefits. Your financial planner or accountant can give you advice on exactly how it can work best for you.

Capital Growth

The key of negative gearing strategy is that capital gains of the property will eventually outweigh the negative cashflow to create wealth for you. Although capital gains tax may be payable when you sell the property, there are ways you could access the equity in your investment without selling.

Structured for Success

Whatever your reason for thinking about purchasing an investment property, the right finance structure is essential for a successful investment.

That’s why we take holistic approach to your investment strategy. We take the time to look at the big picture to help you achieve your property investment goals, then work with your accountant and tax professional to maximise tax efficiency and minimise risk. Together we’ll ensure your loans are structured correctly and supported with asset protection and estate planning.