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Family Movers

Is your home bulging at the seams?

Thinking of a bigger home for your family?

It could be that you have a new baby on the way or simply that your children are growing up and need more room to stretch their wings. Or maybe you’ve decided to work from home and need a dedicated home office.

Whatever your motivation, if you’ve found yourself fantasising about a backyard trampoline, more storage, sweeping open-plan living or beautiful entertaining spaces, it may be time to make the decision to extend or sell and upsize.

Build vs Buy​

The first thing to do is to talk to us. We need to know how much your current property is worth before we can make a decision about the best way forward for your individual circumstances.

Email us ( your property address and we’ll send you a free Property profile report.

This report details how much your property is worth on the current real estate market.

Next, get in touch with a builder (or two) and ask for an estimate for what it would cost to achieve the improvements you have in mind. You’ll need to bear in mind the cost of materials and labour as well as preparation of building plans and council fees, and you may have to factor in rent if you think you’ll need to move out for the duration of the building work.

When you compare these figures with the costs involved in moving house – stamp duty, your real estate agent’s commission, solicitor’s fees and the cost of the move itself – sometimes it’s more cost effective to simply start over.

Moving on up

If you’ve made the decision to upsize or move to a suburb closer to schools and family facilities, the fact that you’ve bought property before doesn’t make moving house any easier the next time around.

There are so many options to consider, including:
If it all seems too hard, it doesn’t have to be.
That’s where our services as professional mortgage brokers and advisers can help.

Education, Ethics, Empathy

Working together, we’ll explore:

Your ideal sale and
purchase timing options

Your maximum property
purchasing power

Your personal budget

We’ll guide you through these choices and take the time to explain everything
as we go so that when you’re ready to buy, you can move forwards with confidence.
Is this like your story?

Family Mover - Lisa

Lisa is 40 years old. She has 2 children, one in Primary school and the other in day care.

She lives Bayside and is looking to move into the Family Home, which is bigger and located in a more suburban area than her current home.

Her husband works long hours and brings home $100,000 plus an annual bonus – she thinks?

She works part time and earns about $35,000. She is a professional and has a strong sense of work pride, but at the moment, she just wants to do something that makes her brain tick over.

She wants her mortgage broker (me) to tell her what the steps are, and then to communicate with her for each of these steps. She wants to know that I have helped people just like her. She wants me to save her time, walk her through the process, save her money and help her buy her family home.