Easy to use


Loan repayment

Calculate your monthly home loan repayment

Borrowing power

Find out an estimate of how much you can borrow

Budget planner

Find out an estimate of how much you can borrow


Extra repayment

Find out an estimate of how much you can borrow


Home loan offset

How much time & interest you can save using an offset account

Fortnightly repayment

This calculator can help borrowers find how much interest and time can be saved


Calculate how much your lease will cost you in total interest over length of the term.

Loan comparison

Compare any two loans for a direct cost comparison.

Lump sum repayment

Estimate how much time and interest you can save over the life of your loan if you make a one-off lump sum repayment

Property buying cost

This calculator helps you estimate the costs associated with buying a property.

Interest-only mortgage

Calculate your regular repayments during and after interest only period

Property selling cost

Savings Planner

This calculator calculates the total accumulation in a savings account with a regular deposit arrangement.

Split loan

This calculator calculates your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rate scenarios.

Stamp duty

Calculate stamp duty based on your state

Income annualisation

This calculator is a tool to determine borrowers’ annual income from the income that has been accruing for less than a full year accrued year to date.

Income gross-up Calc

calculates gross income based on net income

Rent vs Buy Calc

Explore the potential benefit of either renting or buying a property over time