Michele gets Gold!

Receiving recognition for mortgage broking & advising for over 15 years has caused me to reflect on the journey, joys and challenges that I have experienced over that time.

The absolute key to our business success is our ideal of communicative & mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, network & community. Our culture of exceptional service provides our clients with outcomes that entirely meet their needs & future goals. When our clients are happy and we have earnt their trust, they refer their friends and family to us. This is a vital component to the growth & success of our business.

For many years now, every one of our new clients has come from a personal referral from a previous client, which is testimony to the respect & care everyone experiences from the EquityVision team.
Many clients from my first year in 2003, are still clients today, and over those 15 years we’ve grown & changed together.
Lisa was single when we first did a loan together and now she is married to a great bloke, they have 2 gorgeous kids, a beautiful home & two investment properties.

Equityvision in 2003 was based in a sunroom in our rented apartment with a fax machine, desktop computer & phone sitting on an old dining table. Today, we are on the verge of moving into a brand new office to fit in our growing team (currently 3 and I can’t wait to find number 4!).

Personally I have also grown & changed and although I now have a few more wrinkles, I love every one of those wrinkles for the experiences that they represent.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients!!