Lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)
February 14, 2021

LMI is insurance that covers the lender’s risk within a residential mortgage transaction should the loan go into arrears and the borrower is unable to resolve the situation satisfactorily e.g. if the lender sells the property and there’s not enough to pay out the loan in full. LMI is a fairly common practice within the industry, particularly for new home buyers who may struggle to save a deposit. It usually applies when the loan is more than 80 percent of the purchase property’s price

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Fixed rate loans
October 21, 2020

With interest rates at an all-time low, and many lender’s fixed rates lower than their variable options, locking in an interest rate on your home loan to guard against possible future fluctuation may be attractive. However, it pays to know the ins and outs of fixed rate loans before committing to one.

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Buying a property in Metro Melbourne?
September 14, 2020

With all the rules and changes in Melbourne happening now, it can be a bit tough navigating the housing market. To help make things a bit clearer, view our summary of the next steps out of stage 4 restrictions, and how we can help you get the ball rolling towards purchasing your dream property.

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Home Loan Application Process
June 29, 2020

Take a look at our video, on how we can help you through the home loan application process.

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If you can’t make your loan repayments – contact us!
March 20, 2020

If you can’t make your loan repayments – contact us! In these unprecedented times, we want to let you know how we can support you, our customers and our community, to get through the uncertainties we all face. In order to contain the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19, governments around the world are taking […]

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First Home Savers Scheme (FHSS)
October 4, 2019

It’s certainly tough saving enough deposit for your first home.
The government’s First Home Savers Scheme (FHSS) initiative is one way you can access concessional tax savings to help boost your savings.
It’s not for everyone, and there are quite a few rules which are all on the ATO website, but in a nutshell…

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How important is an ethical bank for you?
September 9, 2019

The mirror was held up to the major banks earlier this year during the Royal Commission into misconduct. The treatment of clients and ethical behaviour was questioned and investigated.

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Welcome aboard, Kellie!
August 15, 2019

When you take out a home loan with EquityVision, you’ll have the pleasure of chatting to our Client Services Manager, Kellie Burge, or Kel as she prefers. Kel’s role is to prepare loan applications and to ensure that everyone involved in this very complex process is kept up to date and on track. Despite having a million things to do, she’s always happy to help out with her cheerful and bubbly personality.

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Comprehensive Credit Reporting
July 9, 2019

Your public credit history now holds much more information than it used to, which means that now when you apply for any loan or credit facility, the lender you are applying to will be able to see much more than ever before about how you manage your credit.

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We’re expanding!
April 9, 2019

Loans for Commercial, business, car, personal – the list goes on…

We’re expanding our finance offerings to much more than home loans, and we can now help people and businesses with any of these types of loans below – plus more!

If you need any sort of finance or loan advice, call us on 8372 0775 or email

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